Toys for children of all ages

Quality of toys

It is quite difficult to choose a toy for a child, since there is a very large assortment in stores and this confuses many parents. But it should not only please the child, but also be interesting, suitable for age.


It must also be safe and meet all the requirements. On the shelves you can see mechanical, interactive, soft, educational toys. And at the same time, not all parents know how to choose the right children's toy to please their child.

Toy catalog

The first thing that any psychologist will tell you about toys for the youngest-they should be bright and realistic.

Rattle & Roll


With its easy to grasp teetheable surfaces and fun rattling sounds, these toy cars will be a favorite as baby grows.

Smartwatch DX2


It’s kid-friendly, reliable and lets kids take quality pictures and videos, play games and tell time right out of the box.

Sports T-Ball Set


The oversized bat makes it easy for toddlers to make contact with the oversized baseball and practice their swing.

Baby Laptop Toy


Close the laptop, and it’s ready for on-the-go fun with a chunky carrying handle. Learning fun is a click away!

Flip Stunt Rally


Jumping ramps with the extra bright LED headlights and high performance rubber grip tires brings a thrill to the drive.

Trampoline with Safety


The 7' Trampoline provides hours of active bouncer trampoline fun from Little Tikes. A perfect starter trampoline.

Metal Cookware


Scoop, strain and serve fun pretend play meals! Set includes: ladle, straining ladle, spatula, spaghetti server, pot holder.

Pencil's Scribble


Tap the screen to make your writing come alive with cute animations. Then get creative and use the stylus to draw anything!

Rumble Piggy Bank


Press the piggy's snout for silly sounds and exciting bumbling motion and your baby will be giggling all the way to the bank!

What kind of toys are there?

It is necessary to choose toys with the expectation of the possibility of movement of parts of the toy or sound signals in response to various actions.

Next – toys that can be collected and folded, sorted and placed in space. After that, the time comes for various role-playing games, for which separate toys will also be required. In general, all toys can be divided into several categories:









How to choose toys for children?

Figurative. These are various animals and people, a variety of dolls. They are necessary for honing the baby's social interaction skills: they create their own stories based on the social experience they have experienced, as well as the interactions they have seen in adults, they learn to combine and choose options for actions, and what is important - to create their own. "Household". These are various dishes, houses and other doll accessories, the more realistic, the better. With their help, children study various household operations and learn to find applications for them, and in addition, this type of toys give children's games dynamism and realism, helping to create a wide variety of plots.

Transport. Various types of cars, boats, planes and ships, firstly, satisfy the craving for active action, and secondly, contribute to the study of real means of transportation and a more complete study of the world around. Toys for playing with water and sand. Various cups, molds, buckets, spatulas and water pistols. Many parents do not approve of games with sand, water, and even more so games with various types of cereals, which many children are prone to, since it ends up with the need for washing and cleaning, but such games are simply necessary for children. They develop fine motor skills, contribute to the sensory study of the world. In addition, interaction with water and various bulk substances calms the baby, relaxes the muscles and nervous system, so such games are useful before going to bed. If it is not possible to regularly visit the sandbox – it is worth choosing substitute toys, according to the type of kinetic sand that has been popular in recent years. In structure, it resembles an ordinary one, but it does not crumble, does not get dirty, it is well molded and does not stick to the hands – an excellent option for a younger preschooler.

Musical and noise toys are hated by many parents for their noisiness, but they perfectly help children to shed unnecessary aggression, fear and resentment. Various drums, children's guitars and pianos, pipes and whistles, various rattles – at least something from this list should be in the toy arsenal of a child. In addition, they are useful for the development of a sense of rhythm and memory, the formation of a musical ear. Various sorters and inserts are an excellent option for studying geometric shapes, size differences and the development of fine motor skills. These include both ordinary boxes with containers, and various containers that can be put one into another, nesting dolls, frames with cut-out contours of objects and animals, and much more. Many parents do not want to choose toys of this type for their children because of the danger of injuries or even destruction in the house when trying to play football inside the apartment, but without a lot of movement, the child will not have full development and good health.

Children under 3 years old are only suitable for toys made of hypoallergenic materials — silicone, polyurethane, polyamide and thoroughly dried wood without resin. By the way, natural fur, wool and down fall under the ban — they often cause allergies. Over the age of 3 years, it is allowed to use all types of non-toxic plastic, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate and polypropylene. When buying toys, pay special attention to the warning labels — lead, formaldehyde, phenol and mercury should not be used in their production. These harmful substances are dangerous even in mixed proportions. It is better not to buy toys made of recycled materials — recycled paper, rubber, cardboard or plastic. When first used, they can absorb dangerous poisons — they are invisible to the naked eye. When choosing safe toys for a child, it is important not to forget about common sense. Fragile objects made of glass, ceramics and thin plastic easily break and can injure the baby.